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An introduction to open and closed captions

On the advent of computer-based multimedia, videos are fully capitalized in social media, online marketing, and distance learning systems today. Learning institutions, audio-visual production companies, and online businesses are just some of the clients who utilize open and closed captioning to support their daily communication needs. With the use of open and closed captions, the audio portions of the video content are now accessible to everyone especially people with hearing impairment or those who experience comprehension problems.

Video captioning provides equal access to all viewers regardless if they listen to the original audio track or read the transcripts on screen. Open and closed captions are both text descriptions of a video content, displaying the speaker dialogues, speaker identifications, and sound descriptions which are otherwise not accessible to viewers with special needs.

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Key distinctions between open captions and closed captions

The application of open captions and closed captions in any video has something to do with how captions are embedded in the source. Open captions are text displays which cannot be turned off, whereas, closed captions allow viewers to decide whether to activate the captions or not. Video experts explain that open captions are usually burnt-in of the video material and they will always appear on the screen at all times. On the other hand, closed captions are controlled by using a decoding device since the captions are embedded on a separate track.

Open captions and closed captions can also be used as subtitles to help foreign viewers access the video at their own spoken language. In the process of open and closed captioning, the accuracy of captions and synchronization of text displays are strongly emphasized. This is where the capability of a service provider that performs open captioning and closed captioning is highly considered.

Where to find the best Open captioning and closed captioning service

Generally, captions and subtitles are more likely preferred by the viewing public rather than listening to inadequate audio quality or poor speaker accent. Open and closed captioning is similar to the purpose of transcription where people can retain the information they get from the video.

Vanan established itself as the leading ISO 9001: 2015 Standards provider of high-quality open and closed captioning services at the lowest rate of $1 per minute. A collaborated team effort of 800+ transcribers, video editors, and project managers defines the remarkable success of our company for many years. With over 100 languages to choose from, clients can now distribute their video content using the World Wide Web without restrictions.

Open captioning and closed captioning offer viewers the convenience of watching the videos whether free from text displays or not. You can browse our homepage or reach our 24/7 customer support via toll-free numbers or live chat.

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Affordable Captioning Rates

Price $1/min of video
Language Captioning Price $7/min of video
Rush Turnaround Time Deliver from 2 hours onwards

File Formats For Captioning

Input formats Output formats
Cap, .Asc, .Tds, .Cin, .Aaf, .Onl, .Ult
and many more
SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc),MacCaption (.mcc),Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt),
Transcript (.txt),Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
and custom file formats.
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