Audio Captioning Services

Audio Captioning Service offered by Vanan Caption

Today, many organizations produce audio-visual materials primarily designed for learning programs, public announcements, marketing campaigns, and entertainment. However, for viewers who are categorized as hearing-impaired, audio captioning could be a great help to make these multimedia sources fully accessible. Audio captioning, having similarities with audio or video description, is a specialized production technique that provides a narrative description of the video content such as scene changes, character movements, and on-screen information.

Audio captioning for video sources, theaters, and live performances usually guides the listeners through narrations or commentaries which are clipped in between soundtracks or dialogues. Its main purpose is to describe exactly what is seen on the video and to provide visual details necessary for better comprehension. The narration is generally recorded by an audio captioning company and performed by a professional audio captioner. This is where the expertise of an audio captioning service offered by Vanan Caption is important.

Bringing you the best features of audio captioning services in town

Audio captioning becomes a phenomenal service industry in the attempt to reach more potential audience while making visual media more flexible. Its application has tremendously extended to other means of conveying messages in different venues such as museums, sports facilities, and religious congregation. Thanks to the brilliant works of an audio captioner who has made audio captioning a successful professional service today.

Vanan Caption, a distinguished ISO 9001: 2008 Certified organization, delivers a whole range of audio captioning services in over 100 foreign languages. We charge a rate of $1/minute for English language and $7 for other languages. Our audio describers are thoroughly screened based on preferred language accent, reading tone, the right pronunciation of words, and professional training.

Audio Captioning Services

To ensure top-level performances, we implement stringent quality control measures especially on voice quality and synchronization of the narrated speech on the video source. Secure payment process, free quote, easy ordering procedures, and convenient file uploading are just some of the features we provide for our clients.

Expand marketability using professional Arabic transcribing services

The native speakers of the Arabic language are considered a great market since they are scattered not only in different regions of Middle East but all over the globe. Arabic transcription helps businesses extend to other forms of professional services like voice-over, video captioning, and website localization. We are a certified audio captioning company that offers professional Arabic transcribing services covering major Arabic languages like contemporary and modern spoken Arabic.

We only employ native speakers who are able to transcribe audio or video sources according to regional accent and proper grammar use. Also, we exercise a combined team effort from transcribers, evaluators, and managers to deliver the transcription in its perfect form.

Soon, human-made captioning and speech recognition technology will combine their efforts to make accessibility in multimedia applications easier than before. Vanan Caption will continue to serve as an essential partner in various industries today, bringing new heights to media organizations, business companies, and the entertainment world.