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Audio Captioning services that lend a helping hand to the needy

Audio captioning services supply the audio feed of a video with a text as an alternative to those who cannot see due to the problems faced by blind or persons with poor vision. Audio captions astutely use language to narrate visual scenes.

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They’ve gained popularity in the television, film and computer industries as they provide extra descriptions capturing a scene for viewers with poor vision. The audio content consists of a textual description in form of a transcript dialog to which the supplemental narrative has been added.

Visual Audio Captioning Services

Visual audio captioning services provide a verbatim text for videos capturing all aspects of the video and audio. It renders descriptions of anything audible like dialog, howling storms, and so forth. It also includes written descriptions of all vital visual content, for instance, “Tom points a gun towards Jack”.

Audio captioning requires the input of experienced authors and engineers with idiomatic and fluent skills in the narrative language as well as voice-over artists. With the advent of novel DVD technology, audio captioning agencies have seen a hike as millions of blind and low vision viewers tune in through alternative audio track.

Online Audio Captioning

The earth-shattering technologies used in the production of audio descriptions such as soundscapes provide high-level compactness while capturing all visual scenes. It allows the listener to keep up pace with the fastest alterations and preserves substantial visual content. Online audio captioning enhance the accessibility of TV broadcasting, movie, media, theatre, live performance and other content to the blind and visually impaired.

Some jurisdictions have imposed audio description laws for content circulated across the entertainment and academia spectrum as a remedy for persons with vision difficulties. At the most competitive audio captioning rates in the market, you can make your content accessible to blind or visually impaired viewers. A sophisticated, unobtrusive microphone and whisperer relays easy-to-hear descriptions for actions, non-verbal cues or gestures, sceneries, costumes and all communicative aspects.

Audio Captioning Company

The overriding benefit of any audio captioning company is ascribable to the ability to reach blind and persons who have visual impairments. Viewers with cognitive disabilities also imbibe visual content with ease. A professional company extracts a soundtrack to cast clear audio descriptions duly synchronized to the visual continuum for blind patrons who can listen and enjoy videos.

Outsourcing from a high-ranking audio captioning agency provides accessibility to high-end expertise further opening up opportunities for branching out your media content and distribute to a heterogeneous audience. Videos characterized by content such as onscreen textual displays that’s only visually presented and loads of imagery content require professionals for evocative audio captions.

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Affordable Captioning Rates

Price $1/min of video
Language Captioning Price $7/min of video
Rush Turnaround Time Deliver from 2 hours onwards

File Formats For Captioning

Input formats Output formats
Cap, .Asc, .Tds, .Cin, .Aaf, .Onl, .Ult
and many more
SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc),MacCaption (.mcc),Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt),
Transcript (.txt),Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
and custom file formats.
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